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Liquid Cleaning

The EcoLaundrySpot offers services for all needs – for your precious white clothes or the darker ones whose color tends to fade with time , as well as the colored clothes of our younger friends that are covered with resistant stains

Whites & Colours

The washing of your white or colored clothes, towels linen etc is done by using a detergent containing active oxygen bleaching agents so that we can vanish difficult stains such as red wine or chocolate, food sauce, oil or grease, blood as well as the yellowing the white clothes and ensure the shiny – vibrant color in the colored ones, even at low temperatures (30oC).

Black & Darks

Washing the dark / jeans colors is done with a special liquid detergent that takes care of the intensity of the paint by smoothing the damaged fibers, preventing discoloration during washing and ensuring the brightness of the color of the garment.

Babies & Kids

With 100% eco friendly liquid and powder detergents, more and more conscious mums use them because they are 100% natural for hypersensitive infant / baby skins since they are hypoallergenic, certified and dermatologically tested. Their composition is based on green soap and natural olive extract (in its liquid form) which is highly effective even in the most persistent stains (without chemical agents) or in the form of the powder, with olive oil, salt and water, which is designed for the washing machine

100% Natural

Non Allergenic Substances

Quilt & Blanket

Duvets and blankets because of the moisture they hold are the natural habitat for mites, bugs and dust. We undertake cleaning them with a disinfectant detergent against bacteria to have a healthy and comfortable sleep with a sense of freshness.

Apartments, Studios &Villas

In small-sized units such as apartments, studios and villas, as well as restaurants, hair salons / beauty salons, and gyms, we can provide cleaning services with professional products that ensure the durability of each cloth over time