El. Venizelou 132 str., Hersonissos, 70014, Greece
+30 2897305111
Our thoughts and our dream.

It started off like a dream!

What could we do to help someone in need in a difficult time or situation? That is to provide everyday services to whoever needs them in a difficult time in a hurry feeling like at home.

That “someone” could be a woman/mother with a non-working washing machine and plenty of dirty laundry coming from her family members. That could be a hotel employee who is unable to wash his uniform / work outfit before his next shift due to his heavy workload as well as a traveler who is always on the move and wants the few clothes he carries to be always clean-shiny and fragrant.

Even the entrepreneur of a small and medium-sized business with apartments, studios or villas can result to us.

Our Goal

Your satisfaction with our services is important for us.

Hence, during every pick-up we discuss with you while you complete an application form about your exact needs and the cleaning- care of your clothes as well as the time of the delivery.

We Offer:

  • Friendly service
  • Ready on your desired time
  • Product diversity : washing powder or liquid detergent : ( white – colored and dark colors) , 100% eco friendly detergent , infant- kid detergents free of chemicals and fragrance, whitening, disinfectant detergents, laundry boosters , laundry stain removers , softener , color-catcher.
  • Drying services.
  • Optional air-drying service for sensitive clothes.
  • Optional extra ironing service.
  • Customer notification via SMS/ Viber.
  • Discount coupons for future washes.
Three Key Points

Machinery investments with advanced washing machines and dryers, putting together cleaning of high quality and ecological awareness.

Possession of excellent and acclaimed products to ensure the cleaning and the fresh scent of your favourite clothes , considering on every step the environmental impac

Finally , we as the human factor wish to offer you the best service and make you feel at ease while fulfilling your wishes.